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The Heights are a collection of neighborhoods in north-west Houston centered around Houston Heights. The Heights typically refers to the distinct areas of Houston Heights, Norhill, and Woodland Heights.

Located four miles northwest of Downtown Houston, Houston Heights is a beautiful tree-canopied area that was first developed as one of Houston’s first master-planned communities in the early 20th Century.

Development of Norhill began later, with the first of its architecturally-varied bungalows being constructed in the 1920s. Woodland Heights is closer in age to Houston Heights, although its architectural mix is more in keeping with Norhill.

While there are clear distinctions between each of the neighborhoods colloquially referred to as the Heights, there have a few things in common. One is the prevalence of broad esplanades shaded by mature tree cover. Downtown can be reached within about five minutes from the Heights, with Interstates 10 and 45 and the 610 Loop providing easy access to other areas of Houston.


Houston Heights is known for its historic properties with Victorian flourishes. Many homes remain from the area’s initial development in the 1900s, giving this neighborhood the alluring air of a turn-of-the-century small-town at odds with its proximity to Downtown Houston.

Norhill and Woodland Heights are both known for their diverse bungalows. Colonial, Craftsman, English, Hipped, and Spanish-style bungalows can be found throughout Norhill, with many featuring distinctive low-pitched roofs and porches anchored by tapered wood columns and brick pillars.

Similar properties can be found throughout Woodland Heights, although this neighborhood also contains a variety of other architectural styles, including traditional English and late-Victorian cottages, and American-style four square homes.

As recent beneficiaries of gentrification, price appreciation has been strong over the past few years within the Heights real estate market.


The Heights is known throughout Houston for its vibrant and artistic character. The local writer John Nova Lomax has described the Heights as “Houston’s own mini-Austin,” drawing a comparison with the famously alternative Texan city known for its diverse subcultures. Statistics show that Houston Heights has the largest concentration of artists of any neighborhood in Texas.

A 2010 article in National Geographic Traveler spoke glowingly of the Heights as “a destination for foodies, architecture buffs, and creative types.” The area’s historic architecture houses an enticing array of mom-and-pop style stores and independent businesses, along with numerous quirky cafes and hip restaurants.

Thrift stores and antique shops can be found throughout the area, while 19th Street is particularly known for its collection of trendy boutiques. This vibrant area really comes alive on the first Saturday of each month, with the First Saturday Arts Market bringing a range of live music performance and arts and crafts sellers to the neighborhood.

Until 2017, Houston Heights was a designated dry neighborhood. Bars along the adjacent Washington Corridor benefited greatly from Houston Heights’ prohibition of alcohol. Since the alcohol prohibition was repealed, many of the laidback local restaurants have obtained liquor licenses, while numerous chic beer gardens have sprung up around the neighborhood.

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