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Wes Stoyanov
Rice Millitary/Washington Corridor


The residential neighborhood of Rice Military and the adjacent Washington Corridor have emerged over the past two decades as some of Houston’s hippest neighborhoods.

Rice Military is named both for the wealthy local Rice family and the US Army’s nearby World War I-era Camp Logan training facility. The entire area was once the Rice family’s private property. It was then known as a blue-collar neighborhood throughout much of the 20th Century, until an influx of artists in the 1990s led to its gentrification, with many urban professionals moving into the neighborhood over the last twenty years.

A major attraction of Rice Military is its proximity to the many restaurants, bars, and other businesses located along Washington Avenue. Washington Avenue, also known as Washington Corridor, runs 3 miles from Memorial Park to Downtown Houston. This long strip contains a wide range of upscale restaurants, chic bars, and large nightclubs.


As a relatively recent recipient of intense gentrification, there are many newly-built properties located within Rice Military and along Washington Corridor. This is an area with a great deal of architectural diversity, with many homes being built to the custom specifications of their owners.

Spacious and elegant townhouses can be found throughout the area, with most of these having been built within the last ten to fifteen years. There are also Mediterranean and French-style homes throughout the area, along with beautiful glass-fronted modern designs.

There are also vacant lots available throughout the area, allowing you to construct your very own custom-built dream home.


The Washington Corridor quickly emerged as a center of Houston nightlife from 2009 onward, with its hedonistic collection of bars and clubs being among the city’s largest. By 2012, there was a notably greater emphasis being placed on quality, with upscale bars and high-end restaurants coming to dominate the Corridor. Today, while the Washington Corridor remains one of Houston’s hippest nightlife spots, it’s as known for its excellent restaurants as it is for its wild club scene.

Restaurants along Washington Avenue include numerous Japanese sushi bars, exquisite Latin American and Indian restaurants, and outstanding seafood. Many places combine hip post-industrial chic aesthetic of the area’s nightlife with Washington Corridor’s burgeoning reputation as a hotspot of fine dining. These include Max’s Wine Dive, which serves delicious high-end side dishes along with an extensive selection in a converted industrial space.

Urban Eats is another excellent local business, combining delicious freshly-prepared food with a market selling gourmet food products for use at home. B&B Butchers & Restaurant is similarly dual-purpose, offering both fine dining and a deli serving takeaway products.

There are a number of schools located within Rice Military, with these being operated by the Houston Independent School District.

Nellie Park is also in the area, providing residents with access to a children’s playground and a trail system.

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